Hello, today we are proud to announce our fansite item contest! We will be hosting directly through our Discord Server.

The winner of this contest will have their design implemented by CipSoft in the next update, as TibiaLabs’ official fansite item!

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Contest Rules
  • Submissions must be posted in #submissions (a channel in our Discord)
  • The submission must comply with the technical guidelines established by CipSoft.
  • The item must reference to TibiaLabs in some way, but it is up to the author. (e.g. a wizard doll, a shield, a rose, etc.)
  • The submission must contain the following in order to be considered valid:
    • The item’s name
    • The item’s weight
    • The behaviour of the item (is it writeable? does it change when you use it? makes a sound?)
    • If the item emits light, what color would the light be?
  • There’s no limit on the number of entries per user, but only one entry per user may be a winning entry.
  • The deadline is June 21st
Winner selection
  • Three winners will be selected by the TibiaLabs team & other Fansites Admins/CipSoft Members
  • The winning entries will be sent to CipSoft’s content team for revision
  • If the first winner’s item cannot be implemented, the next winner will be selected.
  • The entry is subject to change by the TibiaLabs team or CipSoft
  • The winner must sign a disclaimer granting the rights of the artwork to CipSoft
Technical guidelines
  • Image must be 32×32 pixels
  • If animated, the maximum number of frames is 64
  • if it is animated, you only need to supply an animated GIF of the item, otherwise it needs to be saved as a 24bit PNG file
  • Each frame can have a different display time (usually between 100 to 200ms per frame)
  • Do not repeat frames for pauses in the animation, instead, set a longer frame time.
  • It must have a transparent background (1-bit transparency only)
  • It needs to fit into Tibia’s setting
  • It should not contain any direct references to a country
  • It cannot have any enhancing attributes (ml+1, skill +1, etc)
  • It must be a pickupable item.
  • It must have a dark outline.
  • If the item is going to be hangable, three versions of the item must be provided: the item hanging on a vertical wall,
    the item hanging on a horizontal wall and the item when it’s not hung
First place

  • Golden Trophy of Excellence
  • Fansite item (once implemented)
  • Medal of Honour
Second place

  • Silver Trophy of Excellence
  • Tome of choice (Blue, Green, Grey, Purple, and Red)

  • Bronze Trophy of Excellence
  • Nightmare Doll

Our team wishes good luck to everyone! šŸ˜Š