Hello, today we are proud to announce a new contest! We will be hosting directly through our Discord Server.

The goal of this contest is to design a logo that will be used to identify TibiaLabs on unofficial & official sites.

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Contest Rules
  • Submissions must be posted in #submissions (a channel in our Discord);
  • The submission must comply with the technical guidelines;
  • There’s no limit to the number of suggestions one player can make;
  • Entries must be your own creation and it must not plagiarise someone else’s work.
  • The deadline is March, 5th.
Contest Details
  • The image must have a reference to Wicked Witch (fansite item of TibiaLabs); an in-game sprite can be used, but a self-made image that fits our style has more chance of winning;
  • The image must contain “TibiaLabs” in any place;
  • In addition to the logo, participants can submit a banner that will be used on fansites page on Tibia.com.
Winner Selection
  • Three winners will be selected by the TibiaLabs team & other Fansites Admins/CipSoft Members;
  • The entry is subject to change by the TibiaLabs team;
  • The winner must sign a disclaimer granting the rights of the image to TibiaLabs.
Technical Guidelines
  • Creation stages like unfinished versions – at least 2 images (or an animated image) – or a video of the creation process;
  • The logo must be on PNG (transparent) and must be a horizontal image (like 250px x 65px), this will be likely used on site header.
  • Size: 150px x 100px
  • Format: gif
  • Max weight: 65KB
First place

  • Golden Trophy of Excellence
  • Nightmare Doll
  • Rune emblem of choice
Second place

  • Silver Trophy of Excellence
  • Vampire Doll
  • Rune emblem of choice
Third place

  • Bronze Trophy of Excellence
  • Teddy Bear
  • Rune emblem of choice

Our team wishes good luck to everyone! 😊

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